We provide the following proven Corrosion Prevention Products Serving the Oil, Gas, Water, Wastewater and District cooling Industries.


Pipe girth weld coatings for FBE, PE, CTE & PP coated pipe

Heat Shrinkable Sleeves and Accessories services_img01.jpg

Cold Applied Anti Corrosion Tape Wraps

Cathodic protection products

Coatings for fittings, bends and tees

Epoxy coatings for pipe and storage tanks

Insulated pipe joint and sealing systems

Linings (NSF 61 approved) for pipe and tanks

Liquid adhesives and primers

Pipe coating repair systems

Plant applied pipe coatings

Reconditioning systems

Technical services


We can assist with every phase of Industrial Heat Tracing Project, including
Project Management
Feasibility studies/budget quotes
Start-Up and Maintenance




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